Rory McPhail resigns as Prime Minister

On June 18, 2021, Rory McPhail (SNP), the Minister of Parliament who represents Logejo Province and the 1st Prime Minister of Saspearian, who assumed office around January 30, 2021, announced that he would resign as Prime Minister of Saspearian on June 30, today.

Good Afternoon Your Majesty, Fellow parliamentarians, citizens, diplomats and others. It is with great thought and sadness which I offer the following statement to this parliament in regards to the most honourable and respectable democratically elected position in this house. It has become a thought of mine for some time, in regards to myself, and my capacity as Prime Minister. It is my personal opinion that I have been unable to successfully deliver eficient evidence of a successful Parliament, and I apologise. I apologise for my inability to successfully and properly lead this nation to democratic success. I apologise for promising things which were simply indeliverable. I apologise for not being the Best Prime Minister I could have been. It is with these words in which I have preached to this house on this day, that I offer His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, my Resignation from the office of Prime Minister of this glorified nation. It is with my pleasure which I have served in my capacity, and thank His Imperial Majesty for giving me the oppurtunity to serve. I can ensure the house, that I will continue to serve my constituency with pride and honour, in the remainder of my tenure. With my resignation, will undoubtely leave Saspearian in a stage of uncertainty and instability. Because of this, I see it only right to propose a promising nomination to the office in which I once held. I nominate @Kaz , of the Saspearian National Party, as the 2nd Prime Minister of our nation. I will officially be leaving office on the 30th of June, 2021 While I conclude my statement tonight, I once again thank this parliament and the pepole for their faith in myself and in serving this nation. It has truly been one of the greatest honours of my life, an honour in which I shall never forget nor plan to. This was truly an unforgetable journey, and I wish my successor the best of luck.

Rory McPhail
Chairman of the Saspearian National Party,
Your Prime Minister.

– Rory McPhail, June 18, 2021

Later that same day, Emperor Anthony I responded to the announcement stating, “I would like to thank Rory McPhail in advance for his service as Prime Minister of Saspearian and I wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.”

Rory McPhail nominates fellow Member of Parliament, Kasra (SNP), as the 2nd Prime Minister of Saspearian, who will enter the confirmation vote by Parliament by the next session.

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