Saspearian Government Reformation

Today, November 1, 2020, HIM Emperor Anthony I, has decided to implement a government reformation of Saspearian through the inaugural drafting of the Saspearian Constitution. The government is expected to change from an Absolute Monarchy to a Constitutional Monarchy. Additionally, the Saspearian Constitution is expected to go into effect sometime during January 2021.


During the Establishment Era (2017), Saspearian’s Government was lead by a legislative body known as the First Saspearian Congress or Saspearian Congress, which was comprised of 7 delegates and Emperor Anthony I served as it’s leader. The Saspearian Congress would go on to ratify the Declaration of Independence on October 20, 2017, near the end of the era. However the Congress shortly dissolved due to the lack of participation. In the modern, Emperor Anthony I Era (2017-Present), Saspearian’s Government System has been mostly led under an Absolute Monarchy with Emperor Anthony I serving as the Emperor of Saspearian.

Saspearian’s Repsonse to the Tungsten-MACP War

On Friday, October 23, 2020, Emperor Anthony I announced on the Saspearian Discord Server stating “Saspearian will not intervene in the Tungsten-MACP War as according to the non-interventionism doctrine under Emperor Anthony I unless further action is necessary for the consensus of the Emperor.”

Source: Saspearian Discord Server


The Tungsten-MACP War is an ongoing conflict which started on October 23, 2020 between member states and supporters of the Tungsten Pact and the member states and supporters of the Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact (MACP). The Tungsten Pact is a micronational pact that was founded in October 2020 by Wohltstand Vereinigung with the purpose of dismantling the MACP, opposition towards Communism and to promote strong diplomatic ties between members of the pact, which consists of 9 Member States and 1 Observer. Wohltsland Vereinigung is a de-facto micronation planned to be founded in January 2021, which is a union between Faltree and the Kingdom of Jehovah. In similarity, the Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact or MACP is a right-wing micronational organization that is assumed to have been established on August 30, 2020, with the sole purpose of opposing Communism. The MACP consists of 10 Member States and 2 Observers.


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Annexation of Owens Province

Yesterday, at around 10:38 PM in Central Standard Time, Saspearian annexed Owens Province, becoming the second saspeariard province. Which is located in the US States of Missouri, the province borders the micronation, Espére. The annexation of Owens Province is the first land expansion of Saspearian since the annexation of the Backyard Territory in July 2018. The name “Owens” derives from the Saspeariard citizen, Jackie Owens, who also notably serves as the Empress of the Kodrolian Empire and leader of Espére.

MA Council Election of July 2020 Results

The results of the Micronational Assembly Council Election of July 2020.

First Place – Great Lawl Reich, with 20 (91%) votes

Second Place – Natlin, with 19 (86%) votes.

Third Place – Faltree, with 17 (77%) votes.

Fourth Place – Tueoedeth, with 14 (64%) votes.

Fifth Place – Pacifica, with 12 (55%) votes or 13 (59%) votes (disputed).

Sixth Place – Saspearian, with 10 (45%) votes or 9 (40%) votes (disputed).

Seventh Place – Herzetia, with 6 (27%) votes.

Eight Place – Wuzstria, with 2 (9%) votes.

Great Lawl Reich, Natlin, Faltree, Tueoedeth, and Pacifica will go on to serve the next council of the MA on July 31st at 11:00 PM (CST).

Source: MA Discord Server

MA Council Election 2020; Saspearian’s Campaign for MA Councilman

Yesterday, June 28, 2020, at around 11:25 PM in Central Standard Time (CST). Emperor Anthony I gave a speech regarding Saspearian’s candidacy for MA Councilman. Which was uploaded on the official Saspearian Government YouTube Channel. In the speech, Emperor Anthony I discusses the events that the MA has faced within the past year or so, and the policies that he is willing to implement if elected. The campaign speech comes nearly 4 weeks since Saspearian’s candidacy for MA Councilman was announced. Emperor Anthony I plans to participate in the debate on July 1st and if voted for, will consider the possibility of running for Chairman.

The election for the Council of the Micronational Assembly will be held on July 30 to July 31st.

Saspearian Coat of Arms Contest | An Overview

The Saspearian Coat of Arms Contest just concluded today, the purpose of the contest was to create the Coat of Arms for Saspearian. The duration of the contest was from April 24 to today, May 29, 2020. In total there were around 5 submissions received. One change in particular occurred regarding what will be rewarded to the winner as a response to criticism over the contest, originally there was planned to be one prize, which was that the winning design would become Saspearian’s Coat of Arms. It was decided that there would be a second prize which was an emblazoned coat of arms entry.

Entry #3 – Designed by jan Kansi

The winner of the Saspearian Coat of Arms contest is jan Kansi who designed Entry #3 (image above), congratulations!

Issues concerning the Micronational Assembly


The Micronational Assembly or commonly referred to as MA, is estimated to have been founded in April 2016 by an unknown individual on the now defunct Google+ Platform as a community. Since it’s establishment there’s been around 8 known chairman of the MA, and multiple individuals who were councilman.

The current flag of the Micronational Assembly.


The first main problem is that the MA has experienced a lot of inactivity. I feel as if the cause behind that is there has been a change in identity from the usual G+ platform to Discord which is where the Micronational Assembly currently conducts it’s operations in. Next, most of it’s own most notable member states on the Google+ MA community have went defunct since around 2019. Furthermore, the members who are currently in the organization are starting to become more mature and as they grow older, there has been a lot less opportunities to have involvement. The second main problem, as described by myself in a YouTube video is that there haven’t been many micronations who share the same traits as us.

The current emblem of the Micronational Assembly.


In order to understand the issues with the MA we must first find the source of the problems. The first issue being the inactivity, we must start by changing the primary platform that we are using as the Micronational Assembly on Discord seems like a series of chatroom’s, I find it very difficult to navigate through it, MeWe seems to be a more feasible option as the format of it is similar to Google+, thus we would have our identity as before. However it has an age requirement of 16 and above and some members don’t fit the criteria. What we could try doing is migrating to Reddit as has a more familiar format as opposed to Discord. Furthermore, we need to become more involved with the community for it to continue on, by doing so it would increase participation with those who are maturing. The second issue is the amount of people who share the same traits as us. We need to extend our online presence as an organization, to gain more members, just like I mentioned previously it would also increased participation within the Micronational Assembly.

SBC News – 1/5/2020

5 people were killed and 60 were hospitalized in a crash located in the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Sunday morning. Two victims are in critical condition, all of the injured victims are expected to survive.

Kalliergo I update: The mission is making ‘significant’ progress after nearly a year since launching according to Emperor Anthony I.

Peach Plant in Saspearian apart of the Kalliergo I mission.

Weather Forecast: Today’s high temperature is 75°F (21°C) and low temperature is 42°F (6°C). Monday and Wednesday will have some cloudy weather, Thursday and Friday are expected to have some rain, Tuesday and Saturday will have sunny weather.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Source: AP News and BrainyQuote