MA Council Election of July 2020 Results

The results of the Micronational Assembly Council Election of July 2020. First Place – Great Lawl Reich, with 20 (91%) votes Second Place – Natlin, with 19 (86%) votes. Third Place – Faltree, with 17 (77%) votes. Fourth Place – Tueoedeth, with 14 (64%) votes. Fifth Place – Pacifica, with 12 (55%) votes or 13Continue reading “MA Council Election of July 2020 Results”

SBC News – 1/5/2020

5 people were killed and 60 were hospitalized in a crash located in the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Sunday morning. Two victims are in critical condition, all of the injured victims are expected to survive. Kalliergo I update: The mission is making ‘significant’ progress after nearly a year since launching according to Emperor Anthony I. WeatherContinue reading “SBC News – 1/5/2020”