Issues concerning the Micronational Assembly


The Micronational Assembly or commonly referred to as MA, is estimated to have been founded in April 2016 by an unknown individual on the now defunct Google+ Platform as a community. Since it’s establishment there’s been around 8 known chairman of the MA, and multiple individuals who were councilman.

The current flag of the Micronational Assembly.


The first main problem is that the MA has experienced a lot of inactivity. I feel as if the cause behind that is there has been a change in identity from the usual G+ platform to Discord which is where the Micronational Assembly currently conducts it’s operations in. Next, most of it’s own most notable member states on the Google+ MA community have went defunct since around 2019. Furthermore, the members who are currently in the organization are starting to become more mature and as they grow older, there has been a lot less opportunities to have involvement. The second main problem, as described by myself in a YouTube video is that there haven’t been many micronations who share the same traits as us.

The current emblem of the Micronational Assembly.


In order to understand the issues with the MA we must first find the source of the problems. The first issue being the inactivity, we must start by changing the primary platform that we are using as the Micronational Assembly on Discord seems like a series of chatroom’s, I find it very difficult to navigate through it, MeWe seems to be a more feasible option as the format of it is similar to Google+, thus we would have our identity as before. However it has an age requirement of 16 and above and some members don’t fit the criteria. What we could try doing is migrating to Reddit as has a more familiar format as opposed to Discord. Furthermore, we need to become more involved with the community for it to continue on, by doing so it would increase participation with those who are maturing. The second issue is the amount of people who share the same traits as us. We need to extend our online presence as an organization, to gain more members, just like I mentioned previously it would also increased participation within the Micronational Assembly.

2 thoughts on “Issues concerning the Micronational Assembly

  1. yeah but you’re just being contrarian, the only person who has issues with the way the Micronational Assembly is going is you, you claim there are all these issues and problems, but if there truly are so many problems, why are you the only person complaining?

    1. I believe that I am one of the first people to openly discuss the issues regarding the MA, those who have acknowledged the subject haven’t really spoken out about it to the degree that I have. The current leadership understands that the organization is flawed however seemingly no one has found a solution.

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