MA Council Election of July 2020 Results

The results of the Micronational Assembly Council Election of July 2020.

First Place – Great Lawl Reich, with 20 (91%) votes

Second Place – Natlin, with 19 (86%) votes.

Third Place – Faltree, with 17 (77%) votes.

Fourth Place – Tueoedeth, with 14 (64%) votes.

Fifth Place – Pacifica, with 12 (55%) votes or 13 (59%) votes (disputed).

Sixth Place – Saspearian, with 10 (45%) votes or 9 (40%) votes (disputed).

Seventh Place – Herzetia, with 6 (27%) votes.

Eight Place – Wuzstria, with 2 (9%) votes.

Great Lawl Reich, Natlin, Faltree, Tueoedeth, and Pacifica will go on to serve the next council of the MA on July 31st at 11:00 PM (CST).

Source: MA Discord Server

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