SBC News – 2nd Cupertino Alliance Chair Election Opinion Polling Results (12/10/2020 – 12/13/2020)

The first SBC News, 2nd Cupertino Alliance Chair Election Opinion Polling was conducted from December 10 to December 13 of 2020 with 12 respondents, which was intended for Cupertino Alliance Member States.

Daniel Roscoe (Running mate – Sertor Valentinus) maintains a substantial lead in first place with 7 votes or approximately 58.3% of the vote. Followed by Roscoe’s challenger, Logan Ross in second place with 4 votes or approximately 33.3% of the vote. On December 10, Leon Montan became the running mate of Logan Ross, as both of whom filed candidacy for the election. However, Leon Montan would later withdraw the application on the same day. Isaiah Burdette was included in the poll, polling in third place with 1 vote or approximately 8.3% of the vote, despite him dropping out recently on December 12.

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