Saspearian ratifies the Wrythe Convention

Today, December 16, 2020, Saspearian has officially ratified the Wrythe Convention as a subsequent signatory. The Wrythe Convention was originally enacted on September 15, 2018 at Wrythe, Austenasia by the GUM (on the behalf of the organization), Austenasia, Addamia, Flandrensis, the Sakasarian Federation, Lundenwic, New Westphalia, and Wildflower Meadows. Since the original ratification of the treaty, several micronations have subsequently signed it.

The treaty condemns the practice of sockpuppeting, which as defined by the treaty states that “sockpuppeting” is creating false personas or characters for the purposes of deception. In addition, the treaty condemns identity theft and false claims. James Klaasen-White and Catan is singled out and condemned by name due to engaging in sockpuppeting, identity theft, false claims, and other fabrications who has not decided to cease such behavior after it has been exposed.


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