Evan I of Ameristan becomes the Chairman of the Micronational Assembly

On May 26, the Council of the Micronational Assembly elected King Evan I, delegate of the Grand Kingdom of Ameristan, as the 16th Chairman of the Micronational Assembly and ousted Chairman Fredrick M., representative of Ausveria, shortly after Saspearian was readmitted as a Member State and reinstated as a Council Member. Fredrick M. had previouslyContinue reading “Evan I of Ameristan becomes the Chairman of the Micronational Assembly”

2023 Saspearian General Election Results

The 2023 Saspearian General Election began on January 27 and ended at midnight Unueco Time on January 29, which saw a turnout of 71% (10/14), an increase of 31 points from the turnout of 40% (6/15) in the 2021 General Election, and the highest turnout in an election in Saspearian history. All six seats inContinue reading “2023 Saspearian General Election Results”

Saspearian to host the 2023 MOF Games

On November 19, it was announced by the President of the Micronational Olympic Federation, Tomáš Falešník, that Saspearian would be hosting the 2023 Micronational Olympic Federation Games after a vote among the member states of the MOF was held in the Second Round of selection for host nation between Saspearian and New Athens. Saspearian narrowlyContinue reading “Saspearian to host the 2023 MOF Games”

Saspearian Celebrates five years since Independence

Five years ago, on October 20, 2017, the seven members of the Saspearian Congress, including Emperor Anthony I, met and signed a Declaration of Independence from the United States of America. The document also brought about Saspearian’s establishment, which marks the nation’s half-decennial anniversary. Establishment & Emperor Anthony I Era Before the Saspearian Declaration ofContinue reading “Saspearian Celebrates five years since Independence”

Saspearian to annex Veranderen

Saspearian will annex Veranderen from the Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills on November 1. An agreement was signed today between both nations, which coincides with Saspearian’s 5th Independence Day. The agreement states that Saspearian must purchase the land for $350. Veranderen was formerly a part of New Virginia until earlier this year when PonderosaContinue reading “Saspearian to annex Veranderen”

October 2022, Saspearian Parliamentary Special Election Live Results

The October 2022 Special Election began at 12 AM CT on October 7, 2022. Following the resignation of the former and first Prime Minister Rory Leonard from the Saspeariard Parliament and the renouncement of citizenship on October 2. Due to personal circumstances. Candidate Votes Ezekiel Ensor (Independent) 3 (75%) Erzi Ambirz (Independent) 1 (25%) FinalContinue reading “October 2022, Saspearian Parliamentary Special Election Live Results”

Political Crisis in the MA

On August 7, 2022, the Chairman of the Micronational Assembly, Fredrick M., removed Anthony I from the position of Council Member and later banned Saspearian from the Micronational Assembly. This comes several hours after the August 2022 election was set to end. The situation has led to a political crisis in the organization, with someContinue reading “Political Crisis in the MA”

MA Council Election of August 2022 Live Results

Update: 8/10/2022 – The election results are currently unclear following Saspearian’s removal from the MA Council and ban from the Micronational Assembly. The MA Council Election of August 2022 is a General Election to select the August 2022 MA Council. The election has 9 candidates (following the concession of Norcross), which makes it heavily contestedContinue reading “MA Council Election of August 2022 Live Results”

Tornado hits Mainland Saspearian and Surrounding Areas

Yesterday, at around 6 PM CDT, an EF2 tornado struck the city of Round Rock, Texas, and the Mainland of Saspearian during a major outbreak of tornados in Texas. There is an estimated 18 injuries and 2 deaths during the tornado outbreak. Many houses, fences, and trees in the local area were damaged. Emperor AnthonyContinue reading “Tornado hits Mainland Saspearian and Surrounding Areas”

December 2021, Saspearian Parliamentary Special Elections

Earlier this month, Connor Shaw (I-Logejo) departed as a member of parliament and from the Saspearian community due to unknown circumstances. Which has led to special elections being held to fill the seat in the vacancy of the second seat of Logejo. Background In October, a new proposition was introduced and passed by parliament, allowingContinue reading “December 2021, Saspearian Parliamentary Special Elections”