Kalliergo II Mission Announced

Today, at 6:38 PM in Central Time, Emperor Anthony I announced the Kalliergo II Mission, following developments in the Kalliergo I Mission.

“Following promising developments in the Kalliergo I mission after multiple setbacks. I hereby announce a follow-up mission, known as Kalliergo II. This time, the goal will be to successfully grow potatoes in Saspearian. The mission is scheduled to begin on March 19, 2021.”

Anthony I, March 17, 2021

Kalliergo II expands the government’s initiative on agriculture since the goal is to successfully grow potatoes in Saspearian. the mission is scheduled to be launched on March 19 and is expected to conclude sometime during the summer, assuming that the mission is successful.

The recent outlook of the Kalliergo I Mission (original photograph was taken on March 17, 2021).


The Kalliergo I Mission is the maiden mission of the Kalliergo program, which was launched on February 20, 2019. To successfully grow peaches in Saspearian, since then, the mission has been ongoing, and multiple setbacks have occurred, such as when Mainland Saspearian was impacted by snowfall last month.

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