MA Council Election of July 2023 Live Results

The MA Council Election of July 2023 is a general election to elect the July 2023 Council of the Micronational Assembly, which the General Assembly elects. The election has eight candidates, four of whom are incumbents, and two former council members, namely North York and Pontunia.1

In accordance with the election procedure, the five candidates who receive the highest amount of votes are elected. The election concluded on the 29th, and the Chairman election was held following the Council election beginning on July 30th and ending on August 1st.

The turnout in the Council Election was 12 out of 51 delegates (23.5%), down from 19 (44%) in the August 2022 Council Election.

Council Election

✓ North York 9 (75%)
✓ Saspearian* 8 (66.7%)
✓ Ameristan* 8 (66.7%)
✓ Surdam7 (58.3%)
✓ Pontunia6 (50%)
Great Lawl Reich*5 (41.7%)
Schwertesia*2 (16.7%)
* (asterisk) – Denotes incumbent

23.5% (12 votes) Turnout | Final results

The last election for the MA Council was held nearly a year ago, in August 2022, which would see Saspearian, Ameristan, the Jewel Republic, Great Lawl Reich, and Schwertesia being elected to the Council. Although the results that were announced by then Chairman Fredrick M. stated that Ameristan, the Jewel Republic, Great Lawl Reich, and Ballinfoyle won the election.2

Ameristan, Saspearian, and Surdam have announced candidacy for the Chairman election.

Chairman Election

✓ Anthony I (Saspearian)7 (43.8%)
Evan I (Ameristan)*5 (31.3%)
Lane Caldwell (Surdam)4 (25%)
* (asterisk) – Denotes incumbent

30.7% (16 votes) Turnout | Final results


  1. North York served as a Council Member under its former name, Norcross. ↩︎
  2. Initial results showed a tie between Schwertesia and Whisperburg (formerly known as Smithtown), with both candidates receiving five votes and Whisperburg later having a slight lead at six votes by the end of the election. However, Schwertesia was announced as the winner, and the nation has since disbanded and would become Whisperburg, thus leading to Schwertesia taking office following the election. ↩︎

Prior to the publication of this article, SBC News obtained permission to report on the live results of this election.

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