MA Council Election of August 2022 Live Results

Update: 8/10/2022 – The election results are currently unclear following Saspearian’s removal from the MA Council and ban from the Micronational Assembly.

The MA Council Election of August 2022 is a General Election to select the August 2022 MA Council. The election has 9 candidates (following the concession of Norcross), which makes it heavily contested as, according to the general election procedure, the 5 candidates with the most votes win. On July 13, the Newla Republic withdrew its candidacy from the election due to inactivity. On August 3, Nocross conceded from the election due to them deeming the possibility of being elected not to be possible.

CandidateVotes & Percentage
Schwertesia5 (26.3%)
Great Lawl Reich* 6 (31.6%)
Jewel Republic9 (47.4%)
Saspearian* 16 (84.2%)
Grand Kingdom of Ameristan13 (68.4%)
Smithtown 6 (31.6%)
Ballinfoyle4 (21.1%)
Norcross (conceded)3 (15.8%)
Frenada3 (15.8%)
Ronkonkoma2 (10.5%)
* (asterisk) – Denotes incumbent

44% (19 votes) Turnout | Final results

The last general election was held one year ago, in July 2021. Since then, there has been one special council election, which was held in March 2022, following the resignations of Tueoedeth and Faltree. Saspearian, Sabatat, and Ameristan ran in the election. Sabatat won with 9 votes (75%), Saspearian also won with 8 votes (66.7%), and Ameristan narrowly lost with 6 votes (50%). The March 2022 Special Election saw a turnout of 12.

Saspearian, the Grand Kingdom of Ameristan, the Jewel Republic, the Great Lawl Reich, and Smithtown were projected to be elected to the Council.

Saspearian was the only candidate who had publicly expressed interest in becoming Chair of the Micronational Assembly.

Note: Prior to the publication of this article, SBC News has gained permission to publicly report on the live results of this election.

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