Saspearian GUM Membership Upgraded to Provisional

On February 11, 2021, Saspearian’s membership in the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) was upgraded from Observership to Provisional Membership after over a year of being an Observer State of the organization.

Logo of the GUM.

Saspearian was first admitted to the GUM on August 11, 2019, as an Observer State. Since then, Saspearian has been applying for Full Membership on multiple instances but has always been decided to remain as an Observer State. A few days ago, on February 11, 2021, Saspearian’s most recent application, the January 2021 application for Full Membership, was accepted and had been voted on by Full Members of the GUM earlier this month as opposed to the option for remaining as an Observer.

According to the procedure for Provisional Membership in the GUM Charter, the Provisional Member State will be voted on by the quorum of delegates 2 weeks after being accepted as a Provisional Member State. In which the delegates will vote for either the nation remaining as a Provisional Member, the nation being upgraded to Full Membership, or the nation being expelled from the organization.

Anthony I hopes that Saspearian’s membership will be upgraded once more, as a Full Member State, in the next vote for its membership.

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