Saspearian Parliament Session 2/13/2021

The Saspearian Parliament convened in a session today at 7 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time). This session was the first Parliament session with the attendance of all 3 Members of Parliament. The session was hosted by Anthony I.


• Anthony I, Delegate of the Capital Region – SNP (Emperor)

• Kasra, Delegate of Owens – Independent

• Rory McPhail, Delegate of Logejo – SNP (Prime Minister)

Discussion of the MP term limit

Anthony I brought up to discuss the idea of a change to the term limitation for a Member of Parliament. Anthony I found the idea of a 1-year term to be decent. Anthony I also stated that the current term limit (2 years) should remain. Kasra agreed and stated, “while (sic) 1 year would be efficient in the scheme of things, 2 years seems like a good compromise.” Rory McPhail also agreed that the term limit should remain.

Quotas System

Rory McPhail proposed a Quotas System, in which each Member of Parliament must propose at least 10 laws and 25 motions during their term and stated that Parliament needs a ‘bigger’ agenda for things. Kasra disagreed with the proposition and instead suggested implementing a request system that encourages Members of Parliament to propose laws and changes. Anthony I was for the procedure of the sessions in which there would be the current format of an agenda. Anthony I stated, “I’d say that the solution would be by notifying the MP in regards to the sessions after inactivity from 2 sessions, and if they are still inactive they would be reminded again 1 week later. If they don’t attend another session after 2 more sessions (4 weeks), they will be removed from office.” Kasra and Rory McPhail agreed with him on the idea. Rory McPhail stated “Unless there (sic) on leave” as a response to the idea. Kasra agreed with him and also brought up the possibility of a leave system being abused. Anthony I responded, stating, “In that case, perhaps they could resign within a 1 month period or at a lesser designated time after the announcement?” Kasra questioned the possibility of a leave from being temporary, Rory McPhail agreed with him. Rory McPhail clarified “A leave is in reference to a holiday or the death of a family member”. Kasra questioned if holidays should be in the same category and stated that he wouldn’t consider a holiday to be a “leave” but rather a “break”. Kasra proposed that the debate should continue in the next session. All Members of Parliament agreed with the proposition.

The session was adjourned on February 13, 2021 at 8:15 PM CDT.

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