Saspearian Government declares diplomatic support to Wegmat in the Great Des Plaines Valley War

On March 28, 2021, Emperor Anthony I called an emergency session for the Saspeariard Parliament after it was discovered that Saspeariard Illinois is under Rodentian occupation. Anthony I and Kasra attended the session and discussed the government’s handling of the situation. The invasion was apart of the Great Des Plaines Valley War, also known as the Weg-Rodentian War.

During the session, Anthony I proposed to declare diplomatic support to Wegmat. The motion passed on March 30, with 3 in support and 0 in opposition. Kasra proposed to allow Wegmat military authorization in Saspearian, the motion also passed on March 30, with 3 in support and 0 in opposition.

Through November and December 2020, the Government of Wegmat offered free land grants next to the nation. Saspearian was one of the nations that requested a land claim, specifically requesting Plot 5. The nation was approved to receive the land claim by the Government of Wegmat on December 1, 2020, the land claim was named Saspeariard Illinois on December 3, 2020. The conflict started earlier this year, when Edward Oaches threatened to invade the Rainbowlands, the term used to describe the area of multiple micronational land claims that are next to Wegmat. Subsequently, Rodentia’s Government was overthrown by a coalition of militants, including alleged former terrorist Jack O’rav, which was led by Edward Oaches. Sinlo Chambel, the President of Rodentia, evacuated from the nation as a result.

Following the government overthrow of Rodentia, multiple micronational territories have been occupied in a joint operation between Rodentia and Philmont. The military forces invaded Nichensburgian territory, Saspeariard Illinois, the territories of Tesforia and Paloma. The army reached the Lawerence line shortly after the invasions and Philmont split in two, the Rodentian army went north and captured Begonian and Monmarkian territories. During this same time, the Philmontian army went towards Aenopian Potawatomi. The two armies went in different directions and later crossed the Des Plaines River in Chaveleir Union and attempted to invade Rainbowlands County of Ponderosa Hills, but were met with heavy resistance.


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