Review of Parliament Activity of March 2021

On March 13, 2021, the Saspearian Parliament convened. Anthony I (SNP) and Kasra (Independent) were present in the session. The first item brought to the discussion was regarding a re-vote for the proposition of the Prime Minister being redefined as the leader of the majority political party. The motion was set to go into effect in 2023 before the January 2023 Saspearian Parliament election. The motion failed with no votes in support or opposition.

On March 28, 2021, an emergency session was called for Parliament by Anthony I, regarding the capture of the Territory of Saspeariard Illinois in the Great Des Plaines Valley War. Anthony I and Kasra were present and discussed the government’s handling of the situation. Kasra proposed Wegmat military authorization in Saspeariard Illinois. Anthony I suggested for it to be a treaty, Kasra approved of the idea. The proposition unanimously passed with 3 votes in support and 0 votes in opposition. Anthony I introduced a proposition for the Saspearian government to declare diplomatic support to Wegmat in the war, the motion also unanimously passed with 3 votes in support and 0 in opposition.

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