October 2021 Saspearian Parliamentary Special Election

The October 2021 Saspearian Parliamentary Special Election began on October 29, 2021, and concluded at 11:59 PM CST on October 31, 2021. There were 2 seats contested in this election, namely, Logejo (Seat 2) and Owens (Seat 2).

The turnout was 50% (9/18), which is an increase from the General Election of January 2021.

Parliament Strucure

Dark blue – Saspearian National Party (3 seats)
Pink – Moderate Party (1 seat)
Gray – Independent (1 seat)

The Saspearian National Party retains its majority in Parliament with three seats, having its membership recently expanded with the current Prime Minister and Parliamentarian of Owens first seat, Kasra, joining the party earlier this year. The Moderate Party, a newcomer party, gains a seat in Parliament. One seat is represented by an Independent.


On the Saspearian Parliament Session of October 19, 2021, a proposition was discussed that allowed for 2 Members of Parliament to represent each province. Subsequently, the proposition was passed with 2 votes in support and no votes in opposition. Expanding Parliament from 3 seats to 5 seats. Prior to the passage of the proposition each province was represented by 1 Member of Parliament.

Logejo (Seat 2)

Connor Smith (Independent) won the second seat of Logejo with 5 votes (55.6%). Asher Young (Independent) is the runner-up with 3 votes (33.3%). Alan Malcolm (Socialist Party) has 1 vote (11.1%).

Owens (Seat 2)

Hunt Powell (Moderate Party) won the second seat of Owens with 6 votes (66.7%). Jacob Deceuninck is trailed behind him with 1 vote (11.1%) by a difference of 55.6 points. There were 2 votes (22.2%) cast in abstention.

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