Kalliergo II Mission Declared as a Success

On July 2, at around 2 AM Central Standard Time (CST), the Kalliergo II Mission was declared as a success by Emperor Anthony I. During the afternoon of July 1, there were potatoes uncovered from the soil of The Backyard Territory as part of the mission, subsequently, the potatoes were sent to the United States for cleaning purposes. The potatoes were cleaned on that same day and in the early morning of July 2. Many of the potatoes seeds used for the mission ended up producing potato plants and most of them survived.

The potatoes that were uncovered in the mission.

The potatoes that were uncovered which are brown are identified to be of the Russet Burbank Cultivar. The purple potatoes are assumed to be of the Adirondack Blue Cultivar.

The potatoes are now stored in a plastic bag with holes on it, in the pantry of the Emperor’s Residence.

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