Tornado hits Mainland Saspearian and Surrounding Areas

Yesterday, at around 6 PM CDT, an EF2 tornado struck the city of Round Rock, Texas, and the Mainland of Saspearian during a major outbreak of tornados in Texas. There is an estimated 18 injuries and 2 deaths during the tornado outbreak. Many houses, fences, and trees in the local area were damaged. Emperor Anthony I is reported to be in good condition.

A House that was damaged by the tornado in Round Rock, Texas.
The aftermath of the tornado in the Backyard Territory on March 22, 2022.

The Capital, Unueco, Logejo province, and the Backyard Territory, were not directly damaged by the storm, however, debris and partial structural damage from the Tornado has been reported in the Backyard Territory and within the international border straddling between Saspearian and the US State of Texas, the Emperor’s Residence. Mainland Saspearian is currently under a power outage due to the storm. Internet connection has been lost and cellular is in limited service in this area.

The power is expected to be restored within several hours from now, and it is currently unknown when the internet connection will be restored.

Update – March 23, 2022: Power and internet connection has been restored in Mainland Saspearian.

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