Saspearian to annex Veranderen

Saspearian will annex Veranderen from the Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills on November 1. An agreement was signed today between both nations, which coincides with Saspearian’s 5th Independence Day. The agreement states that Saspearian must purchase the land for $350. Veranderen was formerly a part of New Virginia until earlier this year when Ponderosa Hills annexed it, and the land had been a part of Sunsonia. Veranderen is located in close proximity to Mainland Saspearian, as the lands are located in Central Texas.The agreement passed through the Saspearian Parliament on October 17 in a 4-0 vote, which was introduced to Parliament on October 15. On October 19, Ponderosa Hills held a referendum on the annexation, and the referendum concluded today with 6 votes in support and no votes in opposition. Both Anthony I, Emperor of Saspearian, and Leon Montan, President of Ponderosa Hills, intend to revitalize the economies of both nations with the agreement.

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