Saspearian Celebrates five years since Independence

Five years ago, on October 20, 2017, the seven members of the Saspearian Congress, including Emperor Anthony I, met and signed a Declaration of Independence from the United States of America. The document also brought about Saspearian’s establishment, which marks the nation’s half-decennial anniversary.

Establishment & Emperor Anthony I Era

Before the Saspearian Declaration of Independence was signed. Around August through early October 2017, Anthony I started to announce the creation of Saspearian by creating a government website and eventually securing an alliance with Astain, who would turn out to be a significant ally for Saspearian in the earlier days. Saspearian also became a member of the OToC (Organization Treaty of Countries) and has remained the last surviving former member of the organization. Anthony I had a vision of Saspearian as one that ultimately made the world a better place due to the political polarization that the United States had experienced during this time.

Emperor Anthony I addresses the nation regarding the Saspearian Declaration of Independence.

The Emperor Anthony I Era started shortly after Saspearian declared independence; Anthony I was inaugurated as the Emperor of Saspearian and now has held a five-year reign as the Emperor. In addition, the Saspearian Congress had dissolved due to inactivity, becoming an Absolute Monarchy. During this time, Saspearian was also involved with the YouTube Sector, which the OToC was part of, the Google+ Sector, and the MicroWiki sector to a lesser extent than today. In 2018, Saspearian would be banned from the Micronational Assembly due to the land having claimed only a bedroom at the time. However, Saspearian would expand that same year with the annexation of the Backyard Territory. Saspearian would face the Ratican-Saspearian war in May 2018. The war was called to end due to the distance between Saspearian and the Ratican Empire, and the Treaty of Bedlamsan was signed, ending the war.

In 2019, Saspearian rejoined the Micronational Assembly due to a new policy for member states at the time. Saspearian gained a second citizen known as Jaiden D., and since then, the total number of citizens has increased to around 20 citizens. Saspearian faced the August Crisis, which was a diplomatic and political crisis and had led to the banning of Saspearian from the MA due to reporting a delegate in the MA due to behavior and the misconception of Saspearian having hostility towards Würbec, who had declared war on Saspearian. However, it was disagreed as a war by Saspearian. Saspearian would have a flag contest held that year, which has remained unchanged since then.

Flag of Saspearian (2019-Present)

Although Saspearian had little online presence until the early 2020s, it was an active nation. Physical newspapers were made in a series of SBC New’s-own weekly publications from 2017 through 2019. Even slightly predating Saspearian’s official establishment, with the first edition being published on October 1, 2017, and every Sunday until the last edition was made on December 29, 2019. Saspearian also became a member of the Grand Unified Micronational as an observer state on August 11, 2019, and rejoined the Micronational Assembly as a member state on February 24, 2020, which ended the August Crisis. In 2020, Saspearian joined the Cupertino Alliance as a member state. Many diplomatic relations were established that same year, and the Saspearian Constitution was drafted in November and December 2020, which would lead to the transition of the government system to a Constitutional Monarchy. Saspearian would also expand with the annexation of the province of Tremota, then known as Owens, and the annexation of the territory of Saspeariard Illinois.

Modern Era

The Saspearian Constitution went to effect on January 16, 2021, which marked the end of the Emperor Anthony I Era and the beginning of the Modern Era. Saspeariard Illinois had been captured during the Great Des Plaines Valley War and diplomatically supported Wegmat in the war. The Saspeariard-backed Liberation Coalition won the war, and the land was back in possession of Saspearian. In 2021, Saspearian faced the Second August Crisis due to the citizen Jackie Owens who had become the Empress of Saspearian, was inactive. The crisis was less diplomatically severe for Saspearian, and all diplomatic ties that Saspearian had to other micronations would remain. Saspearian would experience a decline in activity during this time, but there has been an increase in activity within the past few months. Today’s 5th anniversary of Saspearian’s Independence coincides with the agreement for the annexation of Veranderen from Ponderosa Hills for $350, following an agreement between both nations.

Anthony I plans to give a speech today at around 9 PM Central Time to reflect on Saspearian and announce the recipients of the Order of Saspearian and a new export which was to be kept as a secret until this occasion.

Correction: 11/11/2022 – The Saspearian Flag Contest would be held during 2019 and the first place winner, Münchner, had his flag design become the Saspearian Flag, which has remained unchanged since then.

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