Saspearian to host the 2023 MOF Games

On November 19, it was announced by the President of the Micronational Olympic Federation, Tomáš Falešník, that Saspearian would be hosting the 2023 Micronational Olympic Federation Games after a vote among the member states of the MOF was held in the Second Round of selection for host nation between Saspearian and New Athens. Saspearian narrowly won the nomination with 14 votes to New Athens, who had 12 votes. In the first round, New Athens was in the lead and advanced with 13 votes, Saspearian was second and advanced with 8 votes, and Forestia was third and eliminated with 5 votes. 26 votes were cast in total in both rounds.

The logo for the 2023 MOF Games.


Since becoming a member of the Micronational Olympic Federation in 2020, Saspearian has participated in the 2021 and 2022 Games and has previously placed a bid for the nomination of the 2022 games earlier this year. Saspearian advanced through the first round but was eliminated in the second round and received 5 votes in both rounds. Subsequently, Wegmat became the host of the games. Saspearian placed a bid for the 2023 MOF Games on October 17 after a proposition passed through a 4-0 vote by the Parliament of Saspearian for the host nation nomination.

Host Nation Nomination Results

First Round (November 3 – November 15)Votes & Percentage
✓ New Athens13 (50%)
✓ Saspearian8 (30.7%)
Forestia5 (19.2%)
81% (26 votes) Turnout
Second Round (November 15 – November 19)Votes & Percentage
✓ Saspearian14 (53.8%)
New Athens12 (46.1%)
81% (26 votes) Turnout

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