Evan I of Ameristan becomes the Chairman of the Micronational Assembly

On May 26, the Council of the Micronational Assembly elected King Evan I, delegate of the Grand Kingdom of Ameristan, as the 16th Chairman of the Micronational Assembly and ousted Chairman Fredrick M., representative of Ausveria, shortly after Saspearian was readmitted as a Member State and reinstated as a Council Member. Fredrick M. had previously served as the Chairman of the MA for nearly one year and a half, which makes him the longest-known serving Chairman. His tenure as Chairman was controversial due to inactivity, behavior, and the political crisis that arose from the August 2022 MA Council Election. The move toward Evan I becoming the Chairman is unprecedented since there had previously not been a new Chairman elected since 2021.

Shortly after the August 2022 Election, Stefan I, who serves as the delegate of Great Lawl Reich and a Councilman, received three votes as Chairman, which was the majority of votes from the council but did not become Chairman due to Fredrick’s concerns over activity, despite the council’s power to elect the Chairman. An election was set to be held in March, as opposed to February, due to the delay in the election results from the August 2022 Election, but it was never held due to inactivity within the MA.

On April 20, the account of Fredrick M., that had ownership of the MA Discord server, was reportedly suspended and later deleted due to a violation of the Discord Terms of Service. Anthony I had kept in contact with certain member states and worked with Ameristan to transfer server ownership. The plan of which went over the course of a month and was successful. Saspearian was unbanned from the MA, and Anthony I was granted server ownership and has stated to remain as the server owner until becoming unable to serve in the position. Anthony I was reinstated as a Council Member, replacing Thomas Jacobs, the Delegate of East Galway, due to Saspearian winning the August 2022 Election but never taking office after the results were announced. The seat was formerly held under Ballinfoyle.

“If you are confused about anything, I will explain…

Fred of Ausveria has officially been ousted from the chairmanship of the Micronational Assembly.

At approximately 9:40 PM EST, I, Evan of Ameristan, was voted in as the new chairman of MA.

This all started when Saspearian was removed from his councilman rank and banned by Fred. While he was chairman, my predecessor (Fred) drove the MA into the ground with inactivity, toxicity, etc.

On April 20, Fred was suspended from Discord, resulting in his ownership being restricted. Me and Saspearian worked together and now we have restored order.

Fred has been ousted from chairmanship by us councilmen… the MA will live again!”

-King Evan I of Ameristan, Chairman of the MA

Evan I’s statement on the recent events.
May 26, 2023

The reaction to the Chairman’s statement among member states was mostly positive, and there was few opposition towards it. Fontasia denounced the ousting of Fredrick M., calling it an unlawful and unnecessary overthrow.


In December 2021, then Chairman Hunt Powell announced intentions towards dissolving the MA and canceling the election that was set to be held in February 2022. Fredrick M., who was a Councilman at the time, created an Emergency Council and declared himself the Chairman of the Micronational Assembly; he also created a new server for the MA, and the response was agreed upon by several Member States. On December 16, 2021, Hunt Powell resigned as Chairman and agreed for Fredrick M. to become his successor.

On August 7, 2022, The election results for the August 2022 Election were delayed, and Fredrick M. initially removed Anthony I, delegate of Saspearian, from the position of Council Member; later the same day, Saspearian was banned due to his accusations of not being fit to serve a position in the MA. Following the conclusion of the August 2022 MA Council Election, which saw Saspearian winning the election and having the most votes from all candidates with 16 votes (84.2%), the action resulted in a political crisis in the MA. Many member states opposed the action, while fewer members supported or were neutral toward it. Anthony I reacted by stating that he did not believe he acted in a way that was an ability or disqualified him from serving a position in the MA and hoped for a compromise to be reached.

On August 11, 2022, Fredrick M. announced on the MA discord server that the Grand Kingom of Ameristan, Great Lawl Reich, the Jewel Republic, Ballinfoyle and Schwertesia were elected as Council Members despite the results showing that Saspearian, the Grand Kingdom of Ameristan, Great Lawl Reich, the Jewel Republic, and Whisperburg (which was formally known as Smithtown) won the most votes. Whisperburg has since been ceded to the TDC Empire in October 2022.

The results of the August 2022 MA Council Election.


Chairman Evan I announced that a new Charter is planned to be created soon, and the next general election is set to be held in July. Anthony I intends to work towards reforming the Charter and running for Chairman in the July election.

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