MA Council Election, January 2021 Live Results

The MA Council Election of January 2021 was an election to select the January 2021 MA Council. The election had 9 candidates, and as based on procedure, the 5 candidates with the most votes were elected. The total amount of votes casted in this election was 16.

Saspearian – Elected 56.3% 9
Great Lawl Reich – Elected 56.3% 9
Delphia – Elected 50% 8
Tueoedeth (disqualified) 25% 4
Runnymede – Elected 62.5% 10
Jewel Republic – Elected 62.5% 10
Keliak 6.3% 1
Slobovia 12.5% 2
Mensa Ann 6.3% 1
59% (16 votes) of the expected vote reporting | Final Results

On January 30, 2021 at around 5 PM CDT, Tueoedeth was disqualified from the election due to it’s delegate, Issac J. White, banning members of the MA from the MA Discord server.

Saspearian, the Great Lawl Reich, Delphia, Runnymede, and the Jewel Republic were all elected as Council Members of the MA.

The Chairman election was held on January 31, 2021, the two candidates in the election were Anthony I of Saspearian and Tsar Stefan I of the Great Lawl Reich. 3 of the Council Members voted for the Great Lawl Reich and 1 Council Member voted for Anthony I of Saspearian. Therefore, the Great Lawl Reich will remain as the 10th Chairman of the MA from now until the July 2021 Election, assuming that he stays in office.

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