Saspearian Parliament Session – 1/30/2021

The Saspearian Parliament convened in a session scheduled for today at 7:00 PM CT (Central Time).


• Anthony I, Delegate of the Capital Region – SNP (Emperor)

• Rory McPhail, Delegate of Logejo – SNP

Discussion & vote

Anthony I made a motion towards Rory McPhail becoming the Prime Minister of Saspearian as the vote for Prime Minister was the first item on the agenda, the final vote for this motion was 2 yeas and no nays, the proposition passed. There was also discussion by Rory McPhail regarding a proposition for the Speaker of the House, however after discussion, in which Anthony I stated that the Speaker is the Head of the Royal Family or the Prime Minister, Rory McPhail withdrew the motion. Rory McPhail also had a question for Anthony I about if there is a law template. Anthony I replied stating “There’s no law template at the moment.”.

The session was adjourned on January 30, 2021 at 7:20 PM CDT.

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