An overview of the GUM Election of June 2021

The Grand Unified Micronational held an election for the position of Chair from June 17 to June 23. This position is considered one of the most prestigious positions in the MicroWiki Community. This election was the first GUM election to be in the form of a joint ticket, meaning that both the Chair and Vice-Chair candidates would be elected as opposed to the Vice-Chair being confirmed by Quorum since this was changed in the 2021 Charter.

The election had three candidates, Brooklyn Kennedy (Running mate: Anthony Clark), former Vice-Chair and President of New Virginia, she has previously served as the Prime Minister of Austenasia and as GUM Chair. However, on June 13, she resigned as the Vice-Chair and withdrew her campaign. Brooklyn Kennedy’s running mate, Anthony Clark took over as the Chair candidate and named Austin Jaax, the Emperor of Iustus. Anthony Clark has served as the Supreme Justice of the GUM, who is also a micronational lawyer, and the Chief Editor of the Amerston Post. Cameron Koehler (Running mate: Bradley), the King of Ikonia, one of the widely known members of the “New Guard”. Alex Banks (Running mate: Sertor Valentinus), the leader of Lytera. Sertor Valentinus has served in micronations such as Pinelandia and West Sayville. All of whom initially announced candidacy on May 13 (before Brooklyn Kennedy withdrew from the election on June 13).

In contrast, multiple micronationalists had announced that they wouldn’t be running for Chair including, Dhrubajyoti Roy, the leader of Vishwamitra. Anthony I, the Emperor of Saspearian, and Logan Ross, the Chair of the Cupertino Alliance.

Election results

The turnout of the election was 95.5% (42/44) of Full Member States.

A table of the votes casted by each Member States and anonymous votes casted.

Anthony Clark – ElectedCameron KoehlerAlex BanksNone of the Above
Serene Beaconite RepublicMaritime Republic of The DamariscottaEmpire of AenopiaEmpire of Adammia
Federal Republic of CaddiaConfederation of El DoradoUnified Royal States of Australis
Empire of IustusGymnasium StateKingdom of Ikonia
Grand Duchy of KlitzibürgPoplar NervaNew Florence
Kingdom of LyteraSnagovian Federal Republic
MerciaCommonwealth of Uskor
Commonwealth of New VirginiaState of Vishwamitra
Empire of ParaviaKingdom of Wyvern
Kingdom of QueenslandState of Zenrax
Rednecks RepublicPrivate Ballot
SaspearianPrivate Ballot
Uber-Essian Union
Federal Union of Wegmat
Kingdom of West Sayville
Republic of Yu-Xia
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
Private Ballot
26 votes (59.1%)11 votes (25.0%)4 votes (9.1%)1 vote (2.3%)

Anthony Clark and Austin Jaax of Iustus will take office as the Chair and Vice-Chair on June 30 in CST or July 1 in UTC.

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