Kalliergo II Mission Declared as a Success

On July 2, at around 2 AM Central Standard Time (CST), the Kalliergo II Mission was declared as a success by Emperor Anthony I. During the afternoon of July 1, there were potatoes uncovered from the soil of The Backyard Territory as part of the mission, subsequently, the potatoes were sent to the United StatesContinue reading “Kalliergo II Mission Declared as a Success”

Rory McPhail resigns as Prime Minister

On June 18, 2021, Rory McPhail (SNP), the Minister of Parliament who represents Logejo Province and the 1st Prime Minister of Saspearian, who assumed office around January 30, 2021, announced that he would resign as Prime Minister of Saspearian on June 30, today. Good Afternoon Your Majesty, Fellow parliamentarians, citizens, diplomats and others. It isContinue reading “Rory McPhail resigns as Prime Minister”

Review of Parliament Activity of March 2021

On March 13, 2021, the Saspearian Parliament convened. Anthony I (SNP) and Kasra (Independent) were present in the session. The first item brought to the discussion was regarding a re-vote for the proposition of the Prime Minister being redefined as the leader of the majority political party. The motion was set to go into effectContinue reading “Review of Parliament Activity of March 2021”

Saspearian Government declares diplomatic support to Wegmat in the Great Des Plaines Valley War

On March 28, 2021, Emperor Anthony I called an emergency session for the Saspeariard Parliament after it was discovered that Saspeariard Illinois is under Rodentian occupation. Anthony I and Kasra attended the session and discussed the government’s handling of the situation. The invasion was apart of the Great Des Plaines Valley War, also known asContinue reading “Saspearian Government declares diplomatic support to Wegmat in the Great Des Plaines Valley War”

Saspearian becomes a full member of the GUM

Saspearian’s Membership in the GUM was upgraded to full membership from provisional membership on March 11, 2021. Last month, Saspearian became a provisional member, Saspearian was first admitted into the GUM as an Observer State on August 11, 2019. Background The Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) is a micronational organization that was founded on January 5,Continue reading “Saspearian becomes a full member of the GUM”

Kalliergo II Mission Announced

Today, at 6:38 PM in Central Time, Emperor Anthony I announced the Kalliergo II Mission, following developments in the Kalliergo I Mission. “Following promising developments in the Kalliergo I mission after multiple setbacks. I hereby announce a follow-up mission, known as Kalliergo II. This time, the goal will be to successfully grow potatoes in Saspearian.Continue reading “Kalliergo II Mission Announced”

Pin Analytics founded in Saspearian

A new statistics company known as Pin Analytics was founded in Unueco, Saspearian on March 15, 2021, by Emperor Anthony I. The business aims towards recording data through surveys and various other means. The establishment of Pin Analytics comes as a response to projects such as the Statistic-Dime Micronational Organisations Survey and MicroCode being implementedContinue reading “Pin Analytics founded in Saspearian”

Saspearian GUM Membership Upgraded to Provisional

On February 11, 2021, Saspearian’s membership in the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) was upgraded from Observership to Provisional Membership after over a year of being an Observer State of the organization. Saspearian was first admitted to the GUM on August 11, 2019, as an Observer State. Since then, Saspearian has been applying for Full MembershipContinue reading “Saspearian GUM Membership Upgraded to Provisional”

Saspearian Parliament Session 2/13/2021

The Saspearian Parliament convened in a session today at 7 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time). This session was the first Parliament session with the attendance of all 3 Members of Parliament. The session was hosted by Anthony I. Present • Anthony I, Delegate of the Capital Region – SNP (Emperor) • Kasra, Delegate of OwensContinue reading “Saspearian Parliament Session 2/13/2021”

Saspearian Parliament Session – 1/30/2021

The Saspearian Parliament convened in a session scheduled for today at 7:00 PM CT (Central Time). Present • Anthony I, Delegate of the Capital Region – SNP (Emperor) • Rory McPhail, Delegate of Logejo – SNP Discussion & vote Anthony I made a motion towards Rory McPhail becoming the Prime Minister of Saspearian as theContinue reading “Saspearian Parliament Session – 1/30/2021”