Establishment of the Saspearian National Reserve

Yesterday, the Saspearian National Reserve (SNR) was established by Emperor Anthony I as a provider of funds for government initiatives. This comes as an idea that Anthony I had to divide his money into two separate categories, personal funds and national benefits. As a kickstart, 25 US Dollars was added to the reserve.

Annexation of Saspeariard Illinois

On December 1, 2020, at around 11:02 AM in Central Daylight Time (CDT), the Federal Union of Wegmat approved Saspearian’s application for Plot 5 of the Des Plaines Union Special Land Plots. The land annexed is approximately 22.4 acres, becoming the largest land annexation in Saspearian’s history to date. The land is located in DesContinue reading “Annexation of Saspeariard Illinois”

Saspearian Government Reformation

Today, November 1, 2020, HIM Emperor Anthony I, has decided to implement a government reformation of Saspearian through the inaugural drafting of the Saspearian Constitution. The government is expected to change from an Absolute Monarchy to a Constitutional Monarchy. Additionally, the Saspearian Constitution is expected to go into effect sometime during January 2021. Background DuringContinue reading “Saspearian Government Reformation”

Saspearian’s Repsonse to the Tungsten-MACP War

On Friday, October 23, 2020, Emperor Anthony I announced on the Saspearian Discord Server stating “Saspearian will not intervene in the Tungsten-MACP War as according to the non-interventionism doctrine under Emperor Anthony I unless further action is necessary for the consensus of the Emperor.” Background The Tungsten-MACP War is an ongoing conflict which started onContinue reading “Saspearian’s Repsonse to the Tungsten-MACP War”

Annexation of Owens Province

Yesterday, at around 10:38 PM in Central Standard Time, Saspearian annexed Owens Province, becoming the second saspeariard province. Which is located in the US States of Missouri, the province borders the micronation, EspĂ©re. The annexation of Owens Province is the first land expansion of Saspearian since the annexation of the Backyard Territory in July 2018.Continue reading “Annexation of Owens Province”

MA Council Election 2020; Saspearian’s Campaign for MA Councilman

Yesterday, June 28, 2020, at around 11:25 PM in Central Standard Time (CST). Emperor Anthony I gave a speech regarding Saspearian’s candidacy for MA Councilman. Which was uploaded on the official Saspearian Government YouTube Channel. In the speech, Emperor Anthony I discusses the events that the MA has faced within the past year or so,Continue reading “MA Council Election 2020; Saspearian’s Campaign for MA Councilman”

Saspearian Coat of Arms Contest | An Overview

The Saspearian Coat of Arms Contest just concluded today, the purpose of the contest was to create the Coat of Arms for Saspearian. The duration of the contest was from April 24 to today, May 29, 2020. In total there were around 5 submissions received. One change in particular occurred regarding what will be rewardedContinue reading “Saspearian Coat of Arms Contest | An Overview”